Although we are all created equal, there are those who fail to
respect the rights of their fellow citizens.  Have you been
discriminated against?  Have you been falsely arrested,
prosecuted or subjected to excessive force by an overzealous
government agent?  Contact us for a free consultation.  Let
us level the playing field.
Are you suffering from debilitating injuries you had no hand
in causing?  At Harmon Johnson LLC we do not believe that
litigation should make you a millionaire, but it should allow
you to pay your medical bills, feed your family, and fairly
compensate you for your pain and suffering.  Contact us for a
free case evaluation.
Have you been arrested?  While you sit wondering what you
should do next, the prosecutor has already dispatched
investigators and is formulating ways to send you to a cage.  
You need someone on your side, defending your life, liberty
and freedom.  Contact us, let us defend you.
Has your mortgage payment become more than your family can
handle?  Before you decide to walk away from your piece of the
"American Dream," call us.  It is not as easy for the bank to take
your dream as you might think.  Harmon Johnson LLC will
fight as hard as we can to keep you in your home.  
Practice Areas
Civil Rights/Discrimination
Personal Injury
Criminal Defense
Mortgage Foreclosure
Tort Claims Act
Did you know that if you were injured by a State or City
employee you had to file Notice of Tort Claim?  Did you know
that you have to do this within 180 days of when you were
injured by that employee?  Did you know that if you do not file
this Notice you can lose your right to sue for compensation?   If
you are ever faced with such a situation, let us walk you through
the process so that your rights will be preserved and you get
your day in court.