Attorney Biographies
My name is Erious Johnson, Jr and I discovered my love for the
law at Howard University School of Law, where I graduated
near the top of my class.  I handled labor, employment, and
corporate securities matters for Fortune 500 companies as an
attorney at Sullivan Cromwell LLP, which is consistently rated
one of the top five law firms in America.  As Senior Counsel for
the City of New York, I litigated multi-million dollar cases
involving police misconduct, personal injury, and civil rights
violations.  Most recently, I was the Principal Law Clerk to a
New York Supreme Court Justice.  There I drafted judicial
opinions on topics including workers compensation, insurance
coverage, and mortgage foreclosure.  
I am a tenacious litigator that knows how to conduct thorough investigations, interview
reluctant witnesses and locate pertinent evidence.  I am a fearless advocate that has
conducted and defended—literally—hundreds of depositions, and drafted and argued just
as many motions.  And I am an accomplished trial attorney experienced in questioning and
cross-examining police officers, correctional officers, teachers, doctors, chiropractors,
surgeons, psychologists and economists. I have experienced the legal profession from top to
bottom.  Who better to have on your side
My name is Nkenge Harmon and I also graduated from Howard
University School of Law, and have an MBA from Trinity
University in Washington, D.C.  I have a firm belief that people
of all backgrounds can have the best ideas to move our country
forward, and that each of us has the duty and the right to build
our piece of the American dream.  This prompted me to serve in
the Obama Administration as the Deputy Assistant United States
Trade Representative for Public and Media Affairs.  Prior to that,
I worked as a congressional staffer in both the United States
House of Representatives and Senate, as a legislative counsel and
a communications director, respectively.  Therefore, I am familiar
with myriad issues involving health care, primary and secondary
education, labor, manufacturing, international trade,
immigration, infrastructure, and others.
I campaigned for numerous candidates across the country as a campaign supervisor, and built
bipartisan and non-partisan working relationships.  I am more than capable
of providing
association management services to help non-profit and volunteer organizations pursue their
missions.  I can help you develop effective strategies for handling government affairs,
litigation communication, public relations, and reputation and crisis management as well.  
Many of us may need to rely on legal professionals from time-to-time to make sure that our
families, our businesses and our community are being treated fairly. Harmon Johnson LLC
is uniquely positioned to help achieve your goals through all three branches of government,
and the fourth estate.  In addition to criminal defense and civil litigation, let me assist you
with political outreach, constituency building, and organizational troubleshooting.
I also made time to be an adjunct professor at Monroe College, where I enjoyed teaching
criminal law and criminal procedure