So much of the legal profession has been reduced to a
business.  We at Harmon Johnson LLC believe that you
cannot ignore the human element:  Behind every case
is a person, a family, a community seeking justice.  
Civil Rights Violations
False Arrest
Malicious Prosecution
Excessive Force
Tort Claims Act
Personal Injury
Criminal Defense
We are compassionate counselors who can formulate winning strategies.  
We are relentless litigators who know which witnesses to call and what
questions to ask.  We are fearless advocates de
termined to seek justice for
our clients.  Give us a call and let
us know how we can serve you.
Our practice includes:
Here every client is treated with dignity.  And every case, whether it is a
fender bender, on the job
discrimination or a civil rights violation, is
en equal, individualized attention.  Every person is entitled to their
ay in court.  Harmon Johnson LLC is dedicated to that end.  
Our Mission